Caidan Roses


Caidan Roses - Activities

Activities of the members of the Caidan Roses.

Tea in Honor of the Crown Princess

Traditionally, the Crown Princess is honored by the Ladies of the Rose in Caid at an afternoon gathering hosted by her "grandmama" (the current Queen's predecessor.) This is a time for the Ladies of the Rose to reminisce about Caid's history and share their assembled wit and wisdom with the Crown Princess.

Wreaths for Crown Tourney

The Ladies of the Rose prepare the rose and rosemary wreaths which are bestowed upon the victor of the Lists and his/her consort. At Closing Court, the Ladies of the Rose come forward and present roses to the assembled royalty.

Queen's Champion Procession

Customarily, the Queen invites all the Ladies of the Rose present at the Queen's Champion Tourney (the day after Coronation) to accompany Her as she processes around the field to greet Her new subjects.

Elevation Ceremonies

When a Queen becomes a Countess or Duchess, she is entitled to a procession which often includes Ladies of the Rose whom she has chosen to accompany her and participate in the ceremony.


The Caidan Roses work in conjunction with the Deputy Seneschal for Regalia on all Regalia items.